Surviving a plane crash.

The lights in the cabin flicker as the plane rattles over turbulent skies. “I’m ok to die today,” I tell myself. “Today is the day. The time is now.” Just kidding. I’m not there yet. I’m still always seeking. I need to feel that I’ve accomplished more. Have more. It’s never enough. But I’m stuck and you’re stuck … Continue reading

The closed flower.

When I was ten I came home to a crying mother. She said she was sick of eating just us three. Just me, my mom and my little brother. We all cried as mom would scream and snap at me. Never trust a man who says you’re his one and only. Never trust a man. … Continue reading

Unidentified freedom.

Everything that was, will be no more. I wanted you to stay, but she is your rock. This is the end. I need time away from you. We must curb this terrible addiction. It is futile in every which way. You fear the unknown, the anomaly, the independence. You want the mundane and you need … Continue reading

Some shit about a love story.

ek ladaki ko dekha to aisa laga… when I saw this girl, she seemed to me like… jaise khilata gulaab like a blooming rose; jaise shaayar ka khvaab like a poet’s dream; jaise ujali kiran like a glowing ray of light; jaise ban mein hiran like a deer in the forest; jaise chaandani raat like … Continue reading

Triangles are my favourite shape.

  We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. We lost touch after we broke up nearly 10 years ago and it was safer that way.  We have a deep emotional connection that your wife can’t shake. I know you married her in the hopes that you would forget about me. You told me shortly after … Continue reading

Cow secrets

And now I say I’m fat And now no one denies that And now nothing fits me And now no one likes me And now I have a complex And now nothing feels perfect And now I’m not the hot girl And now I’m just the lost girl And now I’m on a journey And now … Continue reading

Overprivileged youth.

We are the overprivileged youth. We sit in airports, in taxis, at stop lights, in cafes, on the toilet, in living rooms, at dinner tables on our iPhones. We stare at a list of apps that never entertain us, while we glance at our televisions, or the enchanted vistas before us, or the sunsets we take … Continue reading

We’re best friends forever, for today.

There’s something to be said for relationships and people who stick around. Those are the people who really know you. Those are the people who stay. Today, I met some beautiful people. Good jobs, good personalities, overall good vibes. We shared some common interests and some common friends, but we didn’t really know each other. … Continue reading

Finding yourself amidst the chaos

Last July, after quitting my job, I was hungry for change and hungry for anything that could turn my mind off – even if it was only for one fucking minute. I was self destructive. I drank and smoked too much. I partied so hard every night that I mopped the floors with my hands … Continue reading

Caring for Grandma.

After my grandfather’s passing, my grandmother (my mother’s mother) moved into our family home. My grandmother is quite ill and requires constant care. She has diabetes, parkinson’s and dementia. She also is unable to walk or move without assistance as a result of a stroke she suffered two years ago. She wears a diaper for … Continue reading